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eimu 30

Eimü-30 – is a high quality, fast-acting disinfectant, based on active iodine with a broad spectrum of activity. It is a concentrate, which after being diluted is used to the disinfection of equipment of the food industry, as well as the building (floors and walls). The advantage of the formula is highly effectiveness, especially in cold disinfection (it works even at 10°C). It kills viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungi. Eimü-30 useable solution (0.5% -1%, 50 ml – 100 to 10L of water) has a high surface activity. It shows disinfecting effect in both moisture layer, and also penetrates deep into the pores of the material. Due to the properly selected and balanced chemical composition, the preparation is of low corrosive action. Eimü-30 is able to be easily mixed with water, and the intensity of the yellow color is the criterion for the effectiveness of the solution.
available capacity:
1 l, 5 l
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