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Eimü-Doppeldip Film

The product eimü – Doppeldip is used to prevent disease in the udder of lactating cattle (mastitis prevention) by destroying pathogens sensitive to Nonoxynol iodine. Additional care components cause teat skin smoothness, elasticity and natural resistance.
Due to the organic substances, which may reduce the effectiveness of iodine, the number of animals subjected to treatment with one filled cup for teats immersing should be limited to 30 units. Before each new filling the cup should be cleaned. When using eimü – Doppeldip product on the wounded teats, the wound epithelization should be taken into consideration. Then it is recommended to extend the treatments until wound is cured.
Jodofor (Nonoxynol-9) – 3000 ppm, citric acid, glycerin, allantoin, surface – active agents. Particular attention is paid to nonoxynolu-9, a very strong iodine compound working particularly against Gram – positive, spores and fungi.
Eimü Doppeldip also occurs in the form of Film, forming a thick cap healing teat.
available capacity:
1 l, 5 l, 20 l
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