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Eimü-Ferdei Rox


eimu Ferdei RoxFerdei Rox – cleaning – disinfecting agent with intense activity for technology disinfection of milk appliances, milk containers, equipment and external surfaces. Special iodine formula provides extremely strong activity, and contained the product high-quality surface active compounds remove fat even at low temperature (minimum temperature 10°C). With the acid, which in a non-aggressive way for the construction materials, removes difficult fat, protein, milk stone layer, and provides production in accordance with the standards of dairy production. It contains anti-corrosion materials. We offer to perform a simple spray test. Invisible pollution from milk residues become visible when the undiluted Ferdei Rox (0.5%) agent is spread on the test surface. Then rinse with clean water. In this way the formation of new sediments is permanently prevented.
It is recommended to use alternate with Alakvit. It can be used in the form of an aerosol for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces such  s milk tanks
available capacity:
0,5 l, 2 kg, 5 kg, 30 kg
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