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Eimü-Hama Melkfett

Eimü-Hama MelkfettHama Melkfett is greasing cream for daily care and udder and teat disinfection, supporting their health and improving the quality of milk. Thanks to its natural oils, the cream is especially friendly to the skin and udder tissue. It is used for ulcers, purulent inflammations and skin eczema. Hama Melkfett is suitable for care of the teats after both mechanical and manual milking. It does not contain water, it protects the udders skin from drying, it strongly oils and constitutes an optimum barrier against cold, wind and adverse environmental influences.
It has soothing features. It accelerates wound healing perfectly. Its use in the udder care has dated back for decades.
After each milking coat teats with cream. Every two weeks embrocate the whole udder.
Hama Melkfett is offered in four forms:
Hama Melkfett, Hama Melkfett Aloe, Hama Melkfett Marigold, Hama Melkfett Jojoba.
available capacity:
250 ml, 500 ml, 1 l, 3 l
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