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Vit-CalVIT-CAL is a preparation of the new generation for milk cows, containing unique components not only to improve the energy condition, but most of all mineral and hormonal. The main objective is to improve proper level of phosphorus calcium and magnesium in the cow organism directly before and after calving, prevention of postpartum shock and milk fever in peak lactation. VIT-CAL contains calcium and magnesium in the form of chelates, which are rapidly and in 100% absorbed, as well as in the form of propionate. VIT-CAL through vitamins (E, D3, B1, niacin, biotin and B12) and microelements (Zn, Co, J and Se) stimulates the development of masticatory microflora, improves energy metabolism and supports liver. An important component of the preparation are also liquid metabolites of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. They stimulate the development of the masticatory microflora as well as having anti-acidosis effects, especially when excessive administration of concentrate feed during this period.
available capacity:
600 g, 6 kg
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