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Vittramina Premium


Vittramina PremiumThe first hours after calving major stress for cows and substantial energy loss occur. Proven method is to provide immediately after postpartum period, dissolved in water VITTRAMINA PREMIUM containing energy, vitamin – mineral and probiotic substances. It is easy to use and drank by cows willingly. On the one hand beverage makes forestomachs return to „their” place after calving, on the other hand it restores electrolyte and energy balance by reducing the risk of metabolic and eating disorders.
VITTRAMINA PREMIUM contains calcium and magnesium in the chelate form.
• forestomachs return to „their” place after calving,
• pleasant smell and taste encourages the cow to drink beverage and stimulates the appetite,
• accelerates regeneration of cow organism after calving,
• returns to normal metabolic processes,
• supplements electrolytes and vitamin,
• partially compensates for the loss of energy,
by forestomachs filling reduces the risk of displacement of abomasum,
• prevents from calcium deficiency after calving and postpartum shock,
• accelerates placenta expulsion and involution of uterus.
available capacity:
1,15 kg
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