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Eimü-Ensbona blau

Eimü-Ensbona blauAPPLICATION:
Ensbona blau is a disinfectant – improving health care lotion for teats and udder. It eliminates udder edema in inflammation and works to treat with antibiotics. It is recommended for both milking and between milkings. Epidermis and dermis of udders become elastic with regular use of Ensbona blau lotion. Their natural immunity is strengthened, making them less vulnerable to the adverse environmental effects. The intensive care lotion containing selected vegetable oils and valuable natural extracts
should not be missed in any barn.
After milking embrocate a small amount of lotion on the whole udder.
NEW: Ensbona blau available in the new flic-flac package as fluid version.
available capacity:
250 ml, 500 ml, 500 ml flic-flac
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